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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back in Tübingen

After coming back to Tübingen, I have been recollecting memories of England while feeling familiar with the German context again. On my last day, I spent my time in London where I could enjoy taking a look at famous fragments: among others, two Fra Angelico's paintings, a heavenly music sung by his special type of angels; and of course, the exquisitely well-preserved Acropolis' marble in the British Museum, in a room monumental and discreet at the same time. A column from Erechtheion as well as one Karuatis carry nothing more than the inquiring gazes of curious visitors and admirors.
In order to draw some conclusions with regard to the different philosophical types that the Germans and the British represent I need to take distance from Great Britain for some time. The first impressions wait patiently to be deepened.



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