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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Symposium in Athens: "Deaths of Ancient Philosophers"

It is difficult to speak about (your) being Greek while doing research on Greek philosophy outside Greece for a longer period of time. You start conceiving Greekness as a hospitable assimilation of otherness qua otherness, gradually beginning to feel at home as a xenos at a place that embraces your research as your own topos would do.

The last events of violence, which spread all around Greece and were broadly transmitted, and, above all, the persistent reluctancy to promote education in all its forms and higher Greek institutions make me neither happy nor proud.

Here I would like to inform you about a positive moment: the symposium "Deaths of Ancient Philosophers" that I would have attended with great pleasure. It was held at the Danish Institute in Athens (20.12.2008) and was devoted to Michael Frede. Distinguished Greek scholars from Greek and foreign Universities took part, with contributions on Plato's Crito and Phaedo, Philodemus, Epicurian and Stoic but also Christian "melete thanatou". I am attaching the program in Greek (from philosophica et critica: another promising attempt in Greek University education at the present, by the University of Thessaloniki):



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