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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Europe Filled With Corpses

Europe is being filled with corpses, metaphorically, the corpse of Greece, and literally, unfortunately also literally, as yesternight, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, because of the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris. Bad times for Europe. Atrocious times with only one predictable result: the increase of power of the far-right nationalistic fronts. May education do its thing before history repeats itself in a different way (Pan-European Hitler!? And academics to support him/her again!?). And may people belonging to (central) right, centre or left, realize that they have to collaborate for the sake of the current multifaceted crisis, and despite all political differences, which once upon a time, were thought to be insuperable.

For now, our prayers concern the French and non-French, who were robbed of their lives in Paris. And the tears shed are not the expression of involuntary first movements as pre-emotions, but full-fledged good passions of grief (yes, good passions; I am not Stoic on this): in awareness of the badness, we deeply mourn and think it is appropriate to do so until we perceive the signs of progress toward virtue again: then we will get to the (Stoic, or not Stoic) good emotions of joy and wishing of a better future, for Europe as well. For, the world is our home.

PS: Because we need logos in order to go beyond numb silence after such attacks against democracy, attacks which are part of the daily life in certain parts of the world, check the following discussion between Slavoj Zizek, Yanis Varoufakis and Julian Assange (the latter joined per Skype), which took place in London after the Paris attacks. As ever with strong views, resist the temptation of following blindly, and, instead, thoughtfully agree or disagree:


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