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Thursday, 28 April 2016

...And Some Foreground

I am finishing my piece on Plato In Search of a Language without Particulars in the Timaeus, and anticipating, be it somewhere in the back of my mind in this very moment, the Western Coast Workshop in Flagstaff AZ, this time dedicated to Plato's Philebus, and perhaps some wandering in Grand Canyon afterwards.

In the meantime, it is budding Easter this Week.

PS: We had the honour and pleasure to host an artist and a philosopher today at UWO, Angela Melitopoulos and Maurizio Lazzarato, who collaborated and produced "Assemblages: FĂ©lix Guattari and Machinic Animism". Very interesting in both form and content, and a wonderful homage to the work of the French philosopher and psychoanalyst. I have great respect and sympathy for his critique of psychoanalysis (he was himself student of Lacan; consider his work Anti-Oedipus with Deleuze) but when it comes to experimenting with real people suffering from schizophrenia, who were left without medication for the sake of theoretical enhancements, I reach my limits. This is outrageous and a completely "white" experiment.

PPS: Turning the page to someone who deserves, as I see it, the title of a philosopher (for, it is a title), even if an artist: I co-organised a Tarkovsky screening with a student of mine. We watched the Mirror and chatted about Sculpting In Time, and in particular the time of remembering. There are a few people interested in culture in this part of the world I am in. One just needs to search for and find them. Finally some oxygen and feeling "at home" in London ON. I am European, after all, which I detected, interestingly, only after coming to North America.

Grand Canyon. One glimpse.


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