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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cambridge: Colloquium on the Phaedrus

I am pondering a lot both on the form in which and the extent to which I should discuss here the problems I encounter in Plato. While deliberating about these matters, I am more than happy to inform you that a colloquium on the Phaedrus is going to take place in the middle of April in Cambridge. The programm can be downloaded from the Faculty of Classics:


Since the contributors' names speak for themselves, it is redundant to add that the standards are pretty high. I am therefore anticipating to delve deeper into this dialogue, this time availing myself of best research on this side of the Channel. For the time being and before the conference takes place, I appreciate the well-balanced programm of the colloquium: There will be not only papers but also close readings of the beginning, the middle and the last part of the dialogue. According to my experience in "Plato Tübingen-Days", such readings may stimulate fruitful dialogue between younger and more experienced scholars and hence essentially contribute to the subject anew. So much for the structure.

Hopefully I will have undertaken some steps in the meantime with regard to how and to what extent I should write on the present philosophical problems in this blog. Suspending any decisions for now, the time is ripe to get back to the Phaedrus! To come to think of it, the reconsideration of this Platonic dialogue might even lead to or at least prompt some appropriate decisions about writing in internet...