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Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring Approaching London---Time Present "as a Whole"

The birds started singing and I saw a squirrel this morning, for the first time after the heavy winter. The snow hills are gradually melting, and nature is pregnant with spring.

Lots of events are about to happen: James Allen (Toronto) comes to give a guest talk on Aristotle's Topics next Wednesday, and a mammoth conference will be devoted to Marion's work at the end of the month at King's. Things are wonderfully busy while I am leaving Nietzsche's II. Untimely Meditation behind, as a text inviting us (or so I introduced it) to do philosophy as "therapy of the soul" regarding the/our past and the appropriate attitude(s) towards it (for my history of philosophy class), and while I am turning from some stimulating hedonists (Epicureans and Cyrenaics, the latter even more interesting with their particularism and rejection of eudaimonism) to our Stoics and their debates on pleasure (for the pleasure upper-level seminar).


(for the Marion conference)