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Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer Before Fall. Sophocles' Antigone with Juliette Binoche (BAM)

I am happy to spread the word: Juliette Binoche is playing Antigone in some places in Europe in August. The performance will take place in the BAM (NYC) for two weeks in the fall. When not on stage, the famous French actress speaks about the Greek predicament  and urges the world to help and offer solutions as the only reasonable gesture toward Greece, from which we all received the presents of great poetry and thinking. I am very much looking forward to experiencing her, and Sophocles' word made hers and ours, once again, on stage.

With all due respect to the ideal of living the present, planning and anticipating the future is also part of our human nature. It all boils down to how we do both the former and the latter...

PS: The summer has been interesting and I had the opportunity to get to know the village, as I say, of London by bike. One "cultural pocket" has been Hyland cinema, which reminds me of the Athenian cultural cinemas with their damaged floors and wonderful retrospectives. Hmm...culture in North America...one must search for it! It is not served on the plate. We should be suspicious of whatever is served on our plate anyway, shouldn't we?

The cinema in its old days.

PPS: Yearning for the sea, some swimming and scuba diving in Skopelos, Greece. Cicadas and heat; the latter not to bear without the former.

21.8.2015. The latest roundabout when swimming. Another of my ideal bays to swim in.

Main text again: It was a joy these days to read a piece on Plato's Phaedo, a friend of mine in dialogue with Thomas Nagel and Plato, giving his paper the title "The View from Somewhere". Such a delight of friendship, such a joy to read fresh approaches and healthy hermeneutics of genuine dialogue. Rare friendships, rare approaches.
While a cricket that found refuge in my office is conducting its recital, I am shaping things for a WT class, which should focus on debates and philosophical approaches to them. I will start debating on whether we are in the cave and end the course with the debate on whether we are in Matrix (1). Between beginning and end, we will be concerned with some of the things (mostly views) that are up to us.